Happy Idul Fitri

Hare gene masih ngulas Idul Fitri ?  apa kata dunia ?! ya gak pa pa lah….. gak penting dunia mo ngatain apa, wong baru sempetnya sekarang..weeee

Emang sih……..kayaknya udah telat banget yah buat nulisin tentang Idul Fitri, but what should I say jika baru sekarang aku bisa nge-blog lagi. Besides, Idul fitri-ku  kali ini emang bener2  gak  asyik,  too much sadness, too much tears and sorrow (???) apaan ? pasti deh comment-nya pada gitu, but, that what really happened to my Idul Fitri this year. I never thought that I would get an ugly situation like that. Never. And I’m sure that every moslems always hopes to have a very nice and happy Idul Fitri after finishing their fasting for a month. I think this is my worst Idul Fitri. And I don’t want to write it down in a full story. Just I want to forget and erase it out of my mind.

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